Contactless Access™

  Contactless Access™ is a revolutionary new product allowing users to access elevator buttons and accessible doors with their smartphone. In addition to enhanced accessibility, our product provides physical distancing for elevators and doors.

Contactless Access™

Accessibility and Safety by design

Originally, Contactless Access™ was designed as enhanced access for users with disabilities, the current pandemic has highlighted the fact we need less contact. Often people with disabilities and others with full hands, boxes or small kids can’t reach the elevator or door buttons. The ability to control them with a simple app opens up a world of possibilities.

Free Universal App

Our universal app allows control of Contactless Access™ equipped elevators and accessible doors around the world.

Fully Accessible

With Contactless Access™ in the palm of your hand, all users can access equipped elevators and doors from their smartphone or Macbook.

Social Distancing

Within 8-10ft, Contactless Access™ users can safely open doors and operate elevators while remaining distanced from others.

New Install or Retrofit

Our patent pending modules integrate into new installations or retrofit into existing elevators and doors. 

Bluetooth, local access only.

Utilizing BLE technology, without wifi or network access makes the Contactless Access™ modules impervious to hacking and nefarious control.

Low voltage, energy efficient.

5-36VDC covers most applications, but additional voltages are available.

Location based branding

Our universal app works around the world but geofencing capabilities allow for location base branding.

Differentiate yourself

The real benefits of Contactless Access™ are a clear differentiator, but the marketing benefits of advertising full accessibility and a completely touchless experience makes our customers standalone. 

About Us

Contactless Access™ was created by Protodev Canada. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Protodev Canada is made up of a group of experienced Software and Hardware Engineers. Our unique expertise in prototype development allows us to deliver high quality products on time and on budget - no matter what your project needs. More About Us

Contactless Access™

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